Updated 1st August 2017

Welcome to Lee style Tai Chi for health. This is the website for the Cumbrian branch of the East West Taoist Association. This style is reputed to be nearly 3000 years old, its Form comprising slow and graceful movements that people of any age find extremely therapeutic, relaxing and an exercise for both mind and body.

Use this site to find East West Taoist Association Lee Style classes near you, contact details for the instructors and information about what to expect in one of our classes. All EWTA instructors have gained their teaching qualification with Chief Instructor Master Howard Gibbon.

All you need for a class is loose fitting clothes and comfortable flexible footwear. The class begins with a warm up and Qigong (breathing and stretching) exercises and is followed by Tai Chi Form and Tai Chi Dance instruction. A short break is included.

If you have any health concerns, ask your doctor if this type of exercise is safe for you to do, see the NHS website and talk to your instructor before you start.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the art of Lee Style Tai Chi!