Lowick Community Hall
Lowick Bridge
LA12 8ED
(up the hill from Red Lion Inn off A5084)

Times: Friday 10:00 – 11:30am

Cost: £5-00 per session + Membership £25-00/£15-00 (Retired) per year.

Instructor Profile: Sarah McCormack.

What to expect in the class: Warm up, ‘Kai Men’ and ‘Dao Yin’ breathing and stretching exercises followed by the ‘Tai Chi Form’ and ‘Dance’.

Kai Men: (Chinese Yoga) Exercises are broken down into two parts, the first concentrates on deep breathing and gentle stretching. This prepares the body for the second part, the extensions, which are done by breathing normally and with more emphasis on the stretching.

Dao Yin: (Respiratory Therapy) focuses on three levels of deep breathing with light stretching to improve energy levels and calm the mind

Lee Style Form: A series of slow graceful movements practised with slow deep breaths, it exercises both mind and body, helping you to relax

Lee a Style Dance: A more aerobic enjoyable and stimulating series of movements practised at a faster pace than the Form but using many of the same foot positions.

The teaching is supportive and friendly. Students finish the session feeling relaxed and invigorated.

More advanced practitioners can progress to other forms such as Straight Sword, Sabre, Silk, Staff and Fan and explore partner routines,including Push Hands, Sticky Hands, Whirling Hands and Whirling Arms. Much of this is learnt by attending further training courses run by the East West Taoist Association.

Contact Details:

Tel: 015395 36637